Fishing Reports

North Carolina Red Snapper Season

Captain Chris Kimrey - Friday, November 03, 2017

An interim season for red snapper in North Carolina has been approved. This was requested by the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council and the South Atlantic region has been opened for harvesting red snapper for two consecutive weekends, November 3rd thru 5th and November 10th thru 12th. Recreational fishermen may harvest red snapper in federal waters starting today and throughout this weekend as well as next weekend. The bag limit is 1 fish per person per day, with no limit on size.

The red snapper commercial fishery opened on November 2nd with a 75 pound trip limit and no minimum size limit.

"The red snapper fishery has remained closed since 2014 because mortality estimates of the number of released fish exceeded the annual catch limit," explained Captain Mark Brown, Council Vice-Chair and full time charter captain of Mt. Pleasant, SC. Fisheries recommend that all fishermen are careful and conscious when out fishing for red snapper. Use single hook rigs, move away from areas where red snapper may be after you've caught your limit, be careful when releasing the fish. These efforts will help to reduce mortality.

Check out some of the red snapper we've caught in the past. We're excited to get out and fish for red snapper this weekend and next weekend and to finally be able to keep some for dinner! If you want to try to get in on this short red snapper season, give us a call today to check our charter availability!