Fishing Reports

Friday Fishing Update, August 10

Captain Chris Kimrey - Friday, August 10, 2018

We couldn't be more thankful for a couple of days of sunshine and good weather. The rain definitely keep us off the water for a couple of days and we're glad to be back out there! We're finally seeing the water clear up a bit from all the rain.

Check out what we've been catching!

Flounder | What's better than catching a delicious fish that you can keep and eat for dinner that night? As the water continues to clear up, we should have some better luck catching flounder in the near future!

Kings | Kings are super fun to catch and put up a bit of a fight. We've caught some nice kings while fishing from just outside the Beaufort Inlet near Atlantic Beach to Cape Lookout.

Dolphin | Dolphin is one of our favorite fish to catch. They put up a fight, are pretty to look at and even better to eat! We're still catching some dolphin, but wahoo season is just around the corner!

Drum | Depending on the time of day, we can fish for puppy drum, slot drum or bull drum. Bull drum are caught in the early morning and late evening and are some pretty awesome fish to reel in!

Have you heard about the limited Red Snapper season here in the South Atlantic waters? Today kicks off a 6 day season for recreational and commercial Red Snapper fishing. The dates for fishing are today thru Sunday (August 10th - 12th) and next Friday thru Sunday (August 17th - 19th). If you want to try and hop on a trip next weekend, give us a call! We may have limited space available and this is a great opportunity to catch (and keep!) some snapper. The bag limit is one Red Snapper per person per say, with no minimum or maximum size limit.

To check out availability for Snapper fishing or book a fishing charter, contact Captain Chris today!